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Neck Ministries Weekly Healing Services

Thursdays @ 7PM
Liberty Christian Fellowship
7 Maple Street
Seven Valleys, PA 17360
Ph: 717.741.1334
Contact: Dr. John & Kathy

Saturdays @ 7PM
Harvest Chapel
6947 York Road
Abbottstown, PA 17301
Ph: 717.624.1613





Todd White

Todd White would like to offer the following list of prayers to help you receive your healing which Jesus paid such a dear price for.

 (right click on any audio and select "save as"
then choose where you would like to save the audio mp3)

Initial Message before Prayer.mp3
5.2   MB
Please listen to the above message
from Todd before proceeding with the prayers
Addictions Prayer.mp3
1,9   MB
ALS Prayer.mp3
1,1   MB
Anxiety, Depression & Mental Disorders Prayer.mp3
4.1   MB
Any Disease General Prayer.mp3
1.1   MB
Arthritis Prayer.mp3
1.1   MB
Auto Immune Disorders Prayer.mp3
1.2   MB
Back, Discs & Spine Prayer.mp3
1.3   MB
Bronchatis, Pneumonia & Lung infections Prayer.mp3
820 KB
Cancer Prayer.mp3
1.6   MB
Cerebral Palsey Prayer.mp3
1.4   MB
Congestive Heart Failure Prayer.mp3
766 KB
Cystic Fibrosis Prayer.mp3
577 KB
Dental & Teeth Issues Prayer.mp3
744 KB
Diabetes Prayer.mp3
653 KB
Digestive Disorders, Acid Reflux & Gerd Prayer.mp3
741 KB
Fibro Myalgia Prayer.mp3
805 KB
Hearing Loss & Deafness Prayer.mp3
1.1   MB
Heart Problems & BP Prayer.mp3
1.3   MB
HIV, HEP C Blood Disorders Prayer.mp3
1.8   MB
IBS & Crones Prayer.mp3
499 KB
Knees, Ankles & Hips Prayer.mp3
876 KB
Leukemia Prayer.mp3
1.2   MB
Lung Conditions Prayer.mp3
1.5   MB
Lyme Disease Prayer.mp3
381 KB
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Prayer.mp3
1.7   MB
Osteoporosis Prayer.mp3
798 KB
Parkinsons Prayer.mp3
1.1   MB
Rotator Cuff & Shoulders Prayer.mp3
845 KB
Spinal Cord Injury Prayer.mp3
4.5   MB
STDs Prayer.mp3
903 KB
Stroke & Anurism Prayer.mp3
1.4   MB
Thyroid Prayer.mp3
656 KB
Vision & Blindness Prayer.mp3
879 KB

( KB is smaller than MB ;)  )
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