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Dan Mohler

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This website is intended to be used for the blessing of the teachings, to empower the church, so that believers can walk in the power of the Gospel of the Kingdom. This website was designed specifically to request Pastor Dan Mohler to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom and with the intent to distribute the teachings of the ministry and was never meant to be a prayer request line.

Thank you for your understanding and may God Bless you through the teachings of Dan Mohler so that you may become the Kingdom. To find additional teachings by Dan Mohler, please go to and search for him by name.

Regarding emails: If you are interested in having Pastor Dan speak at your church or organization, please complete the contact form below to send an email. All requests are printed for Pastor Dan to pray over and contact. **Remember to include the name and address of your church or organization, the responsible contact person's name, and phone number.

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